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  • Be-Total Immuno Reaction Food Supplement 8 small bottles -29%

Be-Total Immuno Reaction Food Supplement 8 small bottles

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Immuno Reaction

Dietary supplement

Support to react to seasonal ailments from the first symptoms.


Be-Total Immuno Reaction is the new dietary supplement of the Be-Total line which combines plant and vegetable extracts such as ginger and grape polyphenols (antioxidant vitis vinifera), combines vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B6 and Zinc that contribute to the normal function of the immune system. It is specifically designed to help the body react from the first symptoms of seasonal ailments.


Be-Total Immuno Reaction is recommended for:

  • Support joint function and to counteract localized states of tension typical of the onset of the flu syndrome (Ginger).
  • Combating the negative effects of free radicals on the immune system and supporting recovery (grape polyphenols - antioxidant vitis vinifera)
  • Support the proper functioning of the immune system (Zinc, Vitamins B6, C and D)
  • Contribute to the protection of cells, including those of the immune system, from oxidative stress (Manganese)

Method of use

For adults. 1 vial a day. Ginger taste. The product must be taken immediately after preparation.


Water; Fructose; L-ascorbic acid; Humidifier: E422; Zinc gluconate; Acerola extract (Malpighia g / abra L, fruit); Acidity correctors: E 330, E 296; Charge agent: E 421; Ginger extract (Zing / her of fi ce / and Rosa, r / zoma); Orange aroma; Preservative: E 202; Grape seed extract (V / t / s Vin / fem L, seed); Stabilizer: E 415; Sweeteners: E 955, E950; Anti-caking agents: E 553b, E 551, E 47Gb; Pyridoxine hydrochloride; Manganese sulphate; Dye: E 160a, Colecalciferol.


8 ginger flavor vials.