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  • Bioforlife Therapet Dermal TheraOftal Protect Ophthalmic Protective Drops 10ml -15%

Bioforlife Therapet Dermal TheraOftal Protect Ophthalmic Protective Drops 10ml

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Bioforlife Therapet Dermal

TheraOftal Protect

Protective Ophthalmic Drops


Sterile ophthalmic solution with lactoferrin and EDTA bisodic salt able to assist the antibacterial treatment in the presence of inflammatory states and to favor re-epithelialization in case of corneal defects.
The lactoferrin-EDTA association acts on the bacterial biofilm and facilitates its removal

Lactoferrin has an antibacterial action through a mechanism of physical sequestration of iron ions in the secretions, reducing the activity and the aggregative capacity of bacteria and viruses towards the membranes.

The main function of Disodium EDTA is to chelate metal cations (especially calcium), forming a stable anionic complex with them.

THERAOFTAL PROTECT is a valid supporter of the medical treatment of:

  • Corneal defects: the ophthalmic solution with lactoferrin promotes re-elitization, has a lubricating and protective action, and supports antibiotic therapy.
  • Calcium keratopathy: degeneration belonging to the group of corneal lesions that clinically manifest with crystalline opacity
    Elderly dogs and the central portion of the cornea are more prone to the onset of this disease.
  • Infectious corneal ulcer: the corneal ulcer is one of the most common ocular findings in dogs and cats.
    All corneal ulcers are susceptible to bacterial infection, which will delay healing.


1-2 drops in each eye 2-4 times a day for at least 3-4 weeks.
They are usually chronic diseases for which the duration of therapy is at the discretion of the veterinarian.


10 ml bottle