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  • Bionaif My Benefit Planting Active Color Blue Small Size 2 Planters -2%

Bionaif My Benefit Planting Active Color Blue Small Size 2 Planters

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My Benefit

Active Planting

The active Bionaif plantar is a preformed plantar made of elastic deformable resin polymer, in various models to precisely calibrate on each person.

"Active" skirt MB My Benefit by Bionaif: why wellness starts at your feet.

Try a moment to think about it: whatever you are tall, heavy, whatever your business is, whatever you do during the day, all your weight lies on a few inches square - the plan of your feet - engaging in Incredible the bow arch, the ankle, the tendons, the bones and the small joints of the fingers, the muscles.

It is enough to create the least imbalance that this begins to affect throughout the body, creating problems that in the long run, slowly but inexorably, end up becoming sometimes disabling illnesses.

What to do? First, restore the right support, the correct trim, to put the legs, knees, hips and then the entire spine in the axes. Normally the first intervention, often resolutely, is to wear a footbed. But the plantaris are uncomfortable, almost always obliged to change the type of footwear (and what old ones do we do?), They give hygiene problems as they are hardly washable. Not to mention the cost.

Thanks to its special shape it fits all footwear without changing its size . What Does the My Active Benefit Plantare Do? First, it improves posture, and therefore stability, balance, optimizing body weight distribution. The benefits are virtually immediate and can be found after a few days of use. Among the easily-achievable benefits, there is a reduction in the sense of swelling in the legs, a marked improvement in circulation and a significant decrease in joint pain.

What is this particular plantar suitable for? There are many: osteo-articular and tendon-muscular (foot, hip, heelite, calcaneous spine, fistulae, Morthon's disease); Of the spine (cervicalgia, backbone, basin rafting); Of the lower limbs (also, ankles, knee pads, knee valgus).

It is very effective against fatigue due to a prolonged erect position, against the calcification of the calves. Thanks to the correct support and trim, you can also have significant improvements in sports performance. Even accident injuries - sometimes not the utmost comfort - are more comfortable during long hours of work under difficult conditions.

How to use?

Nothing is easier: just wear them and forget to have them at your feet.

The only focus is to choose the model based on your body weight and shoe number. To do this you just need to read the table, read it straightforwardly. It starts wearing it for about two hours a day, allowing a gradual restoration of body shape.

Increasing day-to-day hours of use you can wear it for up to eight hours and more throughout the day, making sure that before and after use are not present on the rubbing abrasive parts.

Thanks to the materials with which it is built, this plantar can also be washed every day with simple soap and water , and dries immediately. For the high technological level and the proven effectiveness, Bionaif's "Active" has been recognized as a Medical Device.

This plantar is also suitable for flat feet .