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  • Biorama Eptyl Ointment 600ml -15%

Biorama Eptyl Ointment 600ml

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Gel for external use.
Based on Aloe, Calendula, Centella, Phytolacca, Echinacea: they have an antiseptic / anti-inflammatory and healing action.
Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Hyssop, Lavender: they carry out anti-bacterial / cicatrizing and antifungal activities.
The complex of active phytotherapeutic ingredients that make up the product, make it indicated in all cases of abscesses, ulcers, burns, wounds, infected sores, excoriations, eczematous lesions, thanks to the antiseptic, detergent, healing and skin purifying action, promoting the formation of granulation tissue and complete skin re-epithelialization.

Aloe v .; calendula o .; eucalyptus g .; lavandula a .; hyssopus o .; melaleuca a .; centellaa .; phytolacca d .; hypericum p .; echinacea a .; hamamelis v.

How to use
Apply a light layer of product to the part to be treated every 6/8 hours for 5/6 consecutive days.
Disinfect the lesion daily before reapplying EPTYL.
Use drainage for fistulized sores.

Jar of 600 g.