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  • Bioscalin® BiomActive Giuliani Shield 100ml -56%

Bioscalin® BiomActive Giuliani Shield 100ml

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Bioscalin® BiomActive Giuliani Active Prebiotic Shield

Wellness hair and scalp

Daily spray to daily protect hair and scalp from environmental damage (stress, pollution, dehydration, UV / IR rays) and preserve the balance of the microbiome, a key element for healthy and vital hair. Spray with a light touch and a luminous finish, it does not weigh down the hair.

  • PRODUCT TYPE : Spray
  • DESIGNED FOR : Woman, Man
  • TECHNOLOGY : Prebiotic & Anti-pollution Complex
  • SIGNALS : Hair that gets dirty quickly, Oily hair, Sensitive scalp, Discomfort (redness, itching, excessive sebum secretion)
  • BENEFITS: Well-being of the scalp, clean hair, brightness, protection, vitality


When it is indicated

For all hair types, for every day.

How to apply

Apply every day in the morning on dry or damp hair and on the scalp. Massage. Do not rinse.

It does not grease and does not weigh down the hair.


It creates an active barrier and thus preserves the natural balance of the scalp-hair system.

It contains an active antioxidant and a peptide ( CG-Prohairinß4 ) which promotes hair well-being.

Prebiotic & Anti-pollution Complex: it combines two natural active ingredients. A prebiotic, BioEcolia, which maintains the balance of the skin microbiome; an active anti-pollution, passionflower, which increases the natural defenses of the scalp and hair.

Without: parabens, sulphates, silicones, dyes.

Nickel tested. Even residual contents can create, in particular in predisposed subjects, allergic reactions or sensitizations.


100ml spray bottle