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  • Bioscalin® Natural Color Giuliani Kit -60%

Bioscalin® Natural Color Giuliani Kit

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Bioscalin® Natural Color Giuliani Hair coloring

100% VEGETABLE COLORING - Natural Copper Color

The new range of completely vegetable coloring, designed for all those women who want a natural color rich in visible and lasting reflections. Available in 6 colors, highly tolerable on the scalp and free of chemical agents.

  • TYPE OF PRODUCT: Coloring
  • TECHNOLOGY: 100% vegetable, Cruelty free sericin
  • SIGNALS: Dull color, Sensitive scalp, First white hair
  • BENEFITS: Bright color, Natural color, White hair coverage, Brightness, Nourishment


When it is indicated

Ideal for those who want a bright and natural color, which preserves the integrity and natural strength of the hair without irritating the skin.

How to apply

Vegetable powder should be mixed with plain water in a non-metallic container.

The shutter speed varies from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the nuance. Follow the package leaflet.

6 shades available:

  • Golden Blonde
  • Natural blond
  • Amber Brown
  • Caramel Brown
  • Intense dark brown
  • Natural copper


Recipe obtained from 4 essential plants, which mixed together, allow you to have different colors:

  • Henna - plant that also acts as a color catalyst, capable of binding to keratin
  • Cassia - neutral henna with restructuring power
  • Indigo - pigment that has a covering effect on white hair and reflective on dark hair
  • Althea - soothing plant on the skin

Cruelty free Sericin, a highly hydrophilic protein obtained from silk, gives hair shine and softness.


Pack of 1 coloring with 1 bag of powder, 1 sachet of 97% natural conditioner, instruction sheet with gloves and cap.