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  • Bioscalin® Neo PidoK.O. Giuliani 75ml -50%

Bioscalin® Neo PidoK.O. Giuliani 75ml

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Bioscalin® Neo PidoK.O. Giuliani Anti-Pediculosis Oil

Specific treatment against lice and nits , without chemical agents, which acts mechanically and not chemically, suffocating lice and nits.


Thanks to its mechanical and non-chemical action and the delicacy of its formula, Bioscalin® Neo PidoK.O. it can also be used in cases of early suspicions of infestation. Spray on the hair, wait 15 minutes and then comb with the appropriate comb.


Bioscalin® Neo PidoK.O. Oil, a specific treatment against lice and lendinis without chemical agents, by mechanical action. Without chemical agents and with Oliderma, association of a "dermoaffine" oil and Bisabolol essential oil (derived from the chamomile flower), which performs an action of mechanical type: penetrates into the respiratory tract of the insect and into the eggs, envelops the body, thus causing death by suffocation. Thanks to the moisturizing properties, the oils contained in the product help to reduce the irritation caused by lice, respecting the physiology of the hair and scalp. Its pleasant fruity aroma makes it particularly suitable for children. The tightly fitting metal comb, free of charge in the package, allows easy removal of louse and nits.


Olioderma; mix of vegetable oils (melaleuca - australian plant -) and (neem - asian plant); cinnamon essence; essence of aniseed derivative (Anethole).


Packaging 75 ml bottle. + Metal comb with fine teeth included in the package.