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  • Bioscalin® Signal Revolution Giuliani 100ml -48%

Bioscalin® Signal Revolution Giuliani 100ml

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Bioscalin® Signal Revolution Giuliani Strengthening Redensifying


Intense and widespread fall

An innovative lotion and spray treatment to counteract widespread thinning and hair loss caused by stress, unbalanced diet and medications. It acts on the active life phase of the hair .

  • PRODUCT TYPE: Lotion, Spray
  • DESIGNED FOR: Woman, Man
  • TECHNOLOGY: SR molecule
  • SIGNALS: Intense Fall, Weak Hair, Thin Hair, Little Volume
  • BENEFITS: Density, Strength, Nourishment, Vitality


When it is indicated

Indicated in cases of diffuse thinning and intense hair loss . Also ideal for taking care of your hair every day by stimulating its growth.

How to apply

Apply every day on dry or damp hair after shampooing, starting from the most thinned areas.

Dual mode of use

Apply the contents of 6 droppers on the scalp.

Replace the dropper with the special spray dispenser inserted and proceed with 13 applications on the scalp.

To promote absorption, massage the skin with your fingertips until completely absorbed. Do not rinse. Finish by combing the hair in the usual way.

Recommended treatment: 3 months.


After 12 weeks of daily application of the product, a significant decrease in hair loss has been demonstrated. *

* Double blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical study conducted under dermatological control on 40 subjects (divided into 2 groups of 10 males and 10 females).

Consult the study.


Bioscalin® Signal Revolution is the new, revolutionary Intensive Strengthening and Redensifying Treatment, product of the collaboration of Giuliani's Fall Protection Research with the world's leading experts in hair biology.

Thanks to the presence of the exclusive SR patent , the Signal Revolution topical treatment is able to influence the life of the hair by sending a signal to OR2AT4 , the sensory receptor present in the hair follicle.

The Signal Revolution topical treatment has a revolutionary mechanism of action and has a pleasant fragrance. Penetrates quickly without greasing or weighing down; it is therefore ideal for daily use.


100ml spray bottle.