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  • Bioscalin® TricoAge 45+ Giuliani 10 ampoules -42%

Bioscalin® TricoAge 45+ Giuliani 10 ampoules

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Bioscalin® TricoAge 45+ Giuliani Anti-Age Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

Thinning and thinning hair - Woman 45+

A dermo-cosmetic treatment in double anti-fall and anti-aging vials. It counteracts thinning and thinning hair, slows down the appearance of white hair and the aging of the hair. Suitable for women's hair weakened due to the passage of time and hormonal variations.

  • TYPE OF PRODUCT: Ampoules
  • TECHNOLOGY: BioEquolo®, ColorCare, Triactive3
  • SIGNALS: White hair, Thin hair, Thinning, Little volume
  • BENEFITS: Bright color, Body, Strength, Brightness, Nourishment, Volume


When it is indicated

In cases of progressive weakening of the hair, thinning and aging of the hair . Ideal in menopause and in the previous phase.

How to apply

  • Press the vial cannula to dose the product directly on the scalp, dry or wet and buffered.
  • Massage until completely absorbed, without rinsing.

Apply the contents of 1 ampoule every 3 days .

Recommended treatment:

2 months. For greater effectiveness, a 3-month treatment is recommended.


Triactive3: patented technology of gradual release of the active ingredients , which quickly penetrate to the follicle where they deposit to be gradually released in 3 days , resisting subsequent washing and prolonging the effectiveness of the treatment.

ColorCare: an association of ceramides and antioxidants that regenerates the natural protective barrier of the hair and counteracts graying , helping to maintain the natural color of the hair.

BioEquolo®: patented complex of natural extracts of Ajuga reptans and fermented Soy, effective in combating thinning and hair loss . (1)

Biogenina ®: patented complex with fortifying and nourishing action on the hair. (2)

(1) Ajuga R. in vitro test on the enzyme 5 alpha reductase;
(2) Biogenina vs. clinical trial placebo on 90 subjects for 3 months


Pack of 10 ampoules