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  • Bronchenolo® Cough, Flu and Cold 10 Sachets -39%

Bronchenolo® Cough, Flu and Cold 10 Sachets

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Bronchenolo® Cough, Flu and Cold - Powder For Oral Solution

These sachets are used for the short-term relief of cold and flu symptoms including pain, headache, stuffy nose and sore throat, chills and fever, and for the relief of bronchial cough.

This medicine contains three active ingredients

  • Paracetamol, which is an analgesic for pain relief and helps lower the temperature when you have a fever;
  • Guaifenesin, which is an expectorant and helps loosen mucus;
  • Phenylephrine, which is a decongestant for reducing swelling of the nasal passages and helps you breathe easier.


For the use of Bronchenolo Cough Influenza And Cold read the package leaflet carefully.


Pack of 10 sachets.