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  • Candioli Mom Zero Shampoo Pediculosis Treatment 200ml -41%

Candioli Mom Zero Shampoo Pediculosis Treatment 200ml

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Mom Zero

Pediculosis Treatment Shampoo

MOM Zero Shampoo Pediculosis Treatment.

Medical device for the treatment of pediculosis which, through a mechanical action, eliminates lice and nits from the hair. The action of the product derives from the association of Dimeticone and of the vegetable oils of Cocco, Ricino and Babassu which perform a mechanical action by suffocating and killing lice and nits.

The essential oils of Malaleuca alternifolia, Illicium verum, Cananga odorata and Limonene, together with apple vinegar, make the environment of hair and scalp unfavorable to the louse, decreasing its settlement and infestation.

Size: 200ml