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  • CarieX Dental Spray Active Protection Against Caries 50ml -6%

CarieX Dental Spray Active Protection Against Caries 50ml

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Dental Spray

Active Protection Against Caries

CE Medical Device.

Dental spray able to prevent caries and dental erosion.

Mucoadhesive solution based on sodium bicarbonate and xylitol , able to prevent tooth decay and demineralization of the enamel, bringing back the right pH of the oral cavity and neutralizing harmful bacteria.

Ideal at any time of day, after meals, a snack, a drink or a simple coffee, it is therefore a product to always have with you (in case you can not brush your teeth), thanks to the practical Pocket or to use before brushing the teeth, thanks to the convenient packaging, to avoid the abrasive action of the brush on the demineralized enamel.

Indicated for:

  • adults;
  • children: it can be used right from the first dentition. In school age, when after the canteen or snack is difficult to use the toothbrush. For boys wearing orthodontic devices;
  • elderly: especially indicated to those with reduced salivation, to those with mobility difficulties and is unable to perform proper oral hygiene.

How to use
Make 3 sprays on the mucosa (tongue and palate) of the oral cavity.
For more than 40 minutes, it maintains the pH at optimal levels for sufficient time for saliva to return to its buffer action, preventing cavities and erosion from acting.

It is not a substitute for toothbrush, toothpaste, brush and dental floss. For good dental health, proper home oral hygiene, professional and periodic visits by the dental hygienist and dentist are recommended.

Pocket size 15 ml.
50 ml convenience pack.

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