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  • Dentin Hygiene Evolutionary Set 4m + Chicco® 3 Parts -50%

Dentin Hygiene Evolutionary Set 4m + Chicco® 3 Parts

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Dentin Hygiene Evolutionary Set 4m + Chicco® Set Let's Learn Together


Massager toothbrush and first milk toothbrush.

Delicate today, healthy tomorrow

The new Oral care line by Chicco, extra delicate, best respects the sensitive gingival tissue of children and tooth enamel.

Daily dental hygiene is a good habit that you learn from small, indeed very small, even before you snack on the first teeth. It is important to prevent the onset of bacteria and above all to learn those small gestures that will become a healthy habit when grown up. The products of the Oral Care Chicco line are designed to respond optimally to the needs of children during all the stages of their growth, from the very first days.

The Learn Together Set is an easy way to get used to taking care of oral hygiene from the first months.

Recommended by the Italian Dentists Association

Massager toothbrush

Thanks to the head and the soft rubber pads, it gently stimulates the gums and gives relief during the delicate period of teething. It also has a protective shield for safe use and an ergonomic and non-slip handle.

First baby toothbrush 6-36 months

The toothbrush is equipped with very soft "tapered technology" bristles with micro-fine ends, for a delicate action on the enamel and sensitive gums. The head is small and thin-necked.

The handle is ergonomic and non-slip.

Warnings and instructions

Before use, we invite you to carefully read the labels, warnings and instructions indicated on the product packaging.

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