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  • Compeed® Medium Format Blister Plasters 10 Pieces -34%

Compeed® Medium Format Blister Plasters 10 Pieces

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Compeed® High Resistance Medium Size Blister Plasters

COMPEED® Medium Size Blister Plasters is a treatment for the healing and prevention of blisters.
Compeed's hydrocolloid technology is designed to provide quick pain relief and protect against further chafing.
In fact, its cushion acts as a "second skin" creating a barrier that covers the wound and an optimal environment to accelerate healing, keeping away dirt, bacteria and water.
Finally COMPEED® Blister Plasters keeps the wound moist and prevents the formation of scabs, promoting rapid healing.
It can remain applied to the skin for several days. The duration may vary from subject to subject.
COMPEED® Medium Size Blister Plasters is specially designed for larger blisters or larger foot areas such as heels.

Gives quick pain relief and blocks the bladder formation process
It protects against further chafing and helps you not to give up your favorite shoes
It accelerates the healing of the bladder, protecting it from dirt and bacteria
Ultra-adhesive, water resistant and breathable
Compeed Medium Blister Plasters is designed for medium to large blisters on the feet and heels

How to use

Apply Compeed to clean and dry skin. To promote adhesion, before and after application, heat with the palm of your hand for one minute. Leave applied until it comes off on its own.


Pack of 10 medium format patches.