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  • 5 Pieces Sport Compeed® Heel Blister Patch -61%

5 Pieces Sport Compeed® Heel Blister Patch

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Sport Compeed® Heel Blister Patch Ideal for Sports

Gives quick pain relief and blocks the bladder formation process
Protects against further chafing and has 20% more padding than COMPEED Blister Medium
It accelerates the healing of the bladder, protecting it from dirt and bacteria
Ultra-adhesive, water resistant and breathable
Compeed Heel Blister Patches sport is suitable for use during sports activities

COMPEED® Sport Heel Blister Plasters is a treatment for the healing and prevention of blisters.
Compeed's hydrocolloid technology is designed to provide quick pain relief and protect against further chafing.
In fact, its cushion acts as a "second skin" creating a barrier that covers the wound and an optimal environment to accelerate healing, keeping away dirt, bacteria and water.
Finally COMPEED® Blister Plasters keeps the wound moist and prevents the formation of scabs, promoting rapid healing.
Thanks to its honeycomb structure, COMPEED® Sports Heel Blister Plasters provide 20% more padding than COMPEED Blister Medium while protecting against rubbing.
It can remain applied to the skin for several days. The duration may vary from subject to subject.

How to use

Before use, make sure that the area around the bladder is clean and dry, without residues of creams and / or oils. Remove the two paper tabs that protect Compeed taking care not to touch the adhesive part. Apply Compeed directly to the blister, making sure the edges adhere well to the skin. Leave Compeed applied until it comes off on its own (it may remain applied for several days). For easier removal, do not pull Compeed upwards, but gently stretch the edge parallel to the skin.


For diabetics consult your doctor before use. Do not apply to infected wounds. Do not reuse as it can cause infections. If the blister gets worse or doesn't heal, stop applying and see your doctor. Never cut the Compeed patch. Any adhesive residue on socks or shoes can be removed with alcohol, taking into account the specific instructions of the fabric.


Validity for intact packaging: over 36 months


Pack of 5 patches