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  • Compeed® Herpes Labial Treatment 15 Patches -39%

Compeed® Herpes Labial Treatment 15 Patches

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Compeed® Herpes Labial Treatment Transparent Patches

COMPEED® Treatment of herpes symptoms - Transparent patches give immediate relief from itching and burning caused by herpes.

It repels the attack of any bacteria and helps to avoid the formation of crusts favoring faster healing.

As it acts as a shield against the virus, it protects the lesion, reduces the chance of infection, and also reduces the risk of herpes self-contamination.

The patches must be applied directly on herpes in each phase of eruption of the latter. They are transparent and ultra-thin and have a non-stop action up to 12 hours from the 1st day of application, for rapid healing.

The patches must be used 24 hours a day, until the symptoms of herpes have completely healed. The patch remains applied for about 8 hours and then will have to be replaced with a new one. The duration of application of the patch may vary from person to person.

  • Ultra-thin transparent patches, to be used against the discomfort of herpes
  • They generate immediate relief from itching and burning
  • They promote faster healing, preventing the formation of annoying crusts
  • They protect the lesion and reduce the possibility of contagion and self-contamination of the lips
  • New applicator

How to use

To wash hands. Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Do not use the patch together with creams, as this will prevent adhesion to the lesion and its action.
Take the applicator out of the sachet and hold the ends using both hands.
Gently pull the ends following the arrows on the applicator, until half of the adhesive side is exposed. Be careful not to touch the sticky side of the patch.
Place the patch on the herpes and gently press the exposed part to make it adhere well.
Slowly pull the tip of the applicator down, away from the skin with a gentle, twisting motion, until the patch is detached from the applicator. You can apply lipstick or makeup on the patch.


Pack with 15 transparent patches.