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  • Cryokleen Spots and Injuries 23ml -15%

Cryokleen Spots and Injuries 23ml

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Stains lesions


what is it for?

Cryokleen is a Cryotherapy Device Handheld to eliminate the spots of the skin, lentigo senile and keratosis, thanks to its effective action is very fast acting.

CRYOKLEEN is easy to use, watch the video below! The treatment consists of an application in simple 4 phases. CRYOKLEEN is an advanced auto-recovery system that you can do at home in total safety.

The signs of aging fly away in a breath. Find out how to use it in the video.

How is the product applied?
1. Measure the size with the appropriate meter and choose the applicator from the corresponding number
2. Activate the device
3. Insert the applicator corresponding to the measurement of the machine detected with the meter
4. Take the treatment by placing the applicator on the stain and press the dispenser 4 times at 3-second intervals.

This is an innovative medical device for self-medication, to effectively remove: skin spots, senile and sun lentigo, keratoses and leeks.

How does Cryokleen work for spots and injuries?

This product consists in the rapid freezing of stains / lesions to be treated, which includes 1 treatment consisting of 4 consecutive applications, which is a therapeutic procedure to optimize the cryotherapeutic effect, to effectively and quickly remove the injuries and imperfections mentioned above, in a precise manner. and protected.

Subsequently, a small bubble forms which favors the detachment of the cutaneous lesion, within 10/15 days the stain / lesion becomes dark and then detaches and disappears on its own, favoring the regrowth of healthy skin. Normally only one treatment is sufficient. If the lesion / stain is still present after two weeks it is possible to repeat the treatment safely up to a maximum of 4 times.

Under what circumstances this product should not be used
In case of doubt about the nature of the part to be treated, consult the doctor before carrying out the treatment. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. Do not use on inflamed skin or in the presence of infections. Never use on dark colored areas of the skin: in the hairy appearance, swollen skin and swelling.
Do not treat particularly delicate areas of thin skin (face, eye areas, chin, underarms, breasts, anus, genitals, mouth, nose, lips, ears, genital warts) with Cryokleen. Do not use concomitantly with the use of other products to remove lentigo, seborrheic keratoses and leeks.

Packaging and conservation

The product is sold in a 23ml package ready to use, it is important to keep it in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity, keep absolutely out of children's reach.