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Diego Dalla Palma

Skin care

Gel Anti Dark Circles Bags

Gel Multi-eye concealer, fresh and silky touch. His special applicator roll on metal ball allows targeted action against bags and dark circles. For a more rested look. Meets the eye physiological pH, it is also suitable for the most sensitive eyes.


For those who want a product that immediately makes less visible puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, immediately giving a brighter look and rested.


15 ml tube


• special applicator roll on metal ball with three rotating balls for a revitalizing massage anti puffiness and dark circles.
• immediate optical correction of faults thanks to special corrective pigments and textures retouching effect.


Every day, morning and night, to make the roll-on metal ball a gentle massage for less visible puffiness and dark circles.


Without perfume.

No parabens
No preservatives
No fragrance
No paraffin
No mineral oils
No propylene glycol
No triclosan


Tetra peptide Acetyl-5: the degradation of collagen fibers and elastin operated by sugars and called "glycation" process is particularly evident at the level of the delicate eye area, where the skin is thinner. The role of collagen and elastin fibers in fact is also crucial for the strength of the capillaries, as the capillary walls are supported by that is composed of collagen and elastin fibers. The tetra peptide Acetyl-5 is a bio-mimetic peptide specifically designed for application in the eye area because it protects the collagen and elastin fibers from degradation and improves the resistance of the wall of the capillaries against the formation of wrinkles, dark circles and bags (volume reduction of 70% of the bags after 28 days of treatment).
Catechins from green tea: an immediate soothing effect of the ideal area for the treatment of the eye area problems. Improves microcirculation reducing the presence of bluish dark circles and bags.
Caffeine: draining, it allows rapid elimination of fluids present in the eye bags.
Ceramides: rebalance the skin barrier function and restore its proper lipid film.
Hyaluronic acid on the skin surface creates a moisturizing and smoothing microfilm, filling fine lines. The association of hyaluronic acid with high and low molecular weight allows the skin to preserve the reserves of water to more levels.
Betaine: Active with high moisturizing capacity, controls the level of hydration of the skin and protects it from irritation. It also has an anti-aging by increasing the production of collagen and the growth of fibroblasts.
Vitamin E: anti-free radicals, protective and nourishing.