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Epitact Protection Hallux valgus In Gel Size L

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Hallux valgus In Protection Gel

For pain caused by chafing.

Pathology: Hallux valgus (onion)
The thumb is pushed towards the other toes of the foot and tends to be located close to the second finger.
The bone located at the base of the thumb becomes more or less pronounced and is called "Onion".
The friction between the shoe and the bunion causes pressure and friction that can be intolerable.

Hallux valgus origins
typical malformation in the feet of the women (90% of cases) => the cause is often the footwear.
The "Egyptian Foot" is the most affected by this malformation.
Ligaments with a poor adaptability to footwear.
genetic factors that appear at an early age.

Epithelium 26 1mm must be worn on the "onion" to reduce friction without adding further pressure.
The product is designed to protect and not to correct the malformation.
Epithelium 26 is a patented silicone gel by podiatrists, whose visco-elastic and mechanical properties are similar to those of skin tissues. It distributes weight and reduces friction that can cause pain in hallux valgus.

How to use
The protection can be worn on both feet turning it.
Washable at 40 ° washing machine
The bearings can be used daily for several months.