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  • Magenta Herbalism The Cold and Sinusite Blends 6 x8ml vials -2%

Magenta Herbalism The Cold and Sinusite Blends 6 x8ml vials

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Magentine Herbalist

The Blends

Cold and Sinusitis

The COOLING AND SINUSITE MIXTURE thanks to the presence of specially selected plant substances and essential oils, allows to relieve the symptoms of the cold and sinusitis thanks to a moisturizing action able to fluidize the secretions and promote the elimination of excess secretions. The emollient action allows to moisturize the mucous membranes and help create the sensation of a free nose.

The COOLING AND SINUSITE MIXTURE is indicated as a specific adjuvant for typical symptoms of cold and sinusitis such as nasal congestion and irritation of the nasal mucosa.

Active principles
Eucalyptus, Lemon, Scotch Pine, Sage.

Indications for use
Inhalation: shake the vial well and pour the contents into about 750 ml of hot water. Put a towel on the head and stay on the vapors with your eyes closed for at least 3-5 minutes, even twice a day.
Aerosol: if inhalation devices are used, dilute the mixture of cold and sinusitis in the same quantity of water beforehand. Pour the contents of the single dose together with the water into the appropriate container of the aerosol device and inhale for about 15 minutes in total, until the ampoule is empty.

Usage : Exterior

It is a CE medical device.

Aut Min of 17/09/2012.
Read the package leaflet and the instructions for use carefully.