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  • Fitobucaneve Neutral Cream with Sensitive Skins 50ml -3%

Fitobucaneve Neutral Cream with Sensitive Skins 50ml

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Neutral Cream with Amido

Sensitive Skins

Phytocosmetic cream, thanks to its particular excipient and functional structure, of a remarkable emollient and skin lubricating power. Although rich and viscous, it allows an optimal and uniform spreadability leaving on the skin a light, velvety touch and a pleasant sensation of hydration and well-being.

How to use:
Apply to the skin several times a day as needed, taking care to absorb the product well.

Emulsifier with a natural base composed of acids and fatty alcohols esterified with glycerol, sunflower oil, fluid ester, calendula extract, 5% calendula mucilage, glycerol, rice starch2%; preservatives allowed.