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  • Flori Nutriva Energy and Recharge Mix Bach Flowers 20ml -15%

Flori Nutriva Energy and Recharge Mix Bach Flowers 20ml

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Flori Nutriva

Energy and Reload

Bach Flower Mix

A real reconstituent, this combination of essences is born with the intent to support in moments of extreme fatigue and energy loss. It brings physical and mental strength and a renewed vitality.
A fine reconstitutor par excellence, Olive deeply nourishes the energy system, counteracting the wear and tear of vital energies. It is the remedy of general and total exhaustion, when the sense of emptying does not allow much more than minimal action. It works on organic decay, restoring charge and vitality.
It gives interior momentum and presence, dissipating mental exhaustion. Helps concentration, clearing the mind of heaviness and exhaustion. Mental tonic par excellence.
It eliminates the passing sensation of exhaustion, giving strength and faith in its ability to cope with the many responsibilities. Increases strength, energy, intuition and efficiency.