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  • Floxea Vaginal Lavender 4Flaconi x 100ml -5%

Floxea Vaginal Lavender 4Flaconi x 100ml

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Vaginal lavender

Floxea® Lavender: balancing the vaginal flora, moisturizing and soothing

With its formulation based on hydrogen peroxide, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and chamomile helps eliminate symptoms consequent to a hydration imbalance and / or the vaginal pH, favoring the maintenance of the natural defenses of the vagina.

Floxea® lavender contains lactic acid (LA-) that, enriched with hydrogen peroxide (H + ions) favors the formation of a suitable vaginal pH (pH 4.2 to 4.5), thus being able to counteract the onset the different forms of vaginitis pathogens responsible and vaginosis

The hydrogen peroxide also contributes to the removal of the upper layers of the mucosa cells contributing to cell renewal of the same.

Floxea® Lavender is a medical device useful in cases of vaginal dryness, and the prevention and treatment of irritation, burning and itching.

Floxea® lavender can also be used in cases of:

estrogen-progestogen therapy (eg. contraceptive pill, hormone replacement therapy)
Menopause, atrophy and dystrophy of vulvar vaginal mucous
vaginal dryness
Vaginitis and fungal and bacterial vaginosis
Irritation, burning and itching
Puerperium (postpartum)
Therapies antibiotic or antifungal topical and / or systemic
Post coital hygiene and menstrual

4 bottles of solution ready for use by 100 ml each.
4 dispensing disposable cannulas.
Medical Device CE

Lavender contains Floxea®

Hydrogen peroxide: It hinders the growth of pathogens. Component normally present in the vagina, is produced by the lactobacilli constituents the vaginal flora; its presence inhibits the onset and the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Hyaluronic acid: Reduces vaginal dryness. It performs a moisturizing and lubricating against vaginal dryness. Accelerates the healing of tissue damaged by inflammatory or infectious processes.

Lactic acid: It balances the intimate Ph. Component normally present in the vagina, favors an immediate pH correction and facilitates the natural recovery of the delicate vulvar ecosystem.

Chamomile: Reduces irritation and burning. With its calming, analgesic and anti-reddening acts significantly on the symptoms caused by various pathological conditions.