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FRONTLINE® SPOT-ON CATS 4 Pipettes of 0.5ml

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FRONTLINE® SPOT-ON CATS 4 Pipettes of 0.5ml

Treatment and prevention of tick, flea and lice infestations in adult cats and kittens.


Fipronil rapidly exerts its lethal action on ticks, preventing the development of the parasite and the possible transmission of infections of which the tick is a vector.
It is active against the main species of ticks present on the national territory, including Ixodes ricinus, responsible for the transmission of Lyme disease to dogs, cats and humans.
Fipronil acts on fleas by rapidly killing adult forms, thus preventing egg laying and therefore new infestations.
Thanks to its lethal action on adult fleas, fipronil effectively contributes to the control and resolution of Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD) which, in cats, is caused by the sensitizing action exerted by the antigens contained in the saliva of these parasites.
Furthermore, with a single treatment, fipronil controls and resolves lice infestations quickly and definitively, in particular those caused by Felicola subrostraius, the cat's biting louse.
It can be used during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
Baths, rain, shampoos do not interfere with the duration of activity of the product against ectoparasites.


One single-dose pipette of 0.5 ml per cat.
A single application of the product protects the animal from new infestations by ticks, fleas and lice, in particular:
- From ticks: up to 1 month after treatment.
- From fleas: up to 5 weeks after treatment.

For correct ectoparasitic prevention it is advisable to carry out monthly treatments in the periods of greater seasonality.


Active ingredient: Fipronil 10 g, Excipients: to taste 100 ml


If animals lick each other, transient hypersalivation may be observed mainly due to the excipients of the product.
It is important that the product is applied in an area where the animal cannot lick and take care that the animals do not lick each other after the treatment.
It is advisable to avoid baths in the 2 days following the application of the product.
In the absence of data, do not use the product in kittens less than 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 1 kg.
Do not use in sick animals (systemic diseases, with fever .....) or convalescing.
Do not use in rabbits.


Pack with 4 pipettes of 0.5ml.