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  • Furotrix® External Formevet® 500ml -1%

Furotrix® External Formevet® 500ml

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  • Brand: FORMEVET Srl
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  • EAN: 8033638271223
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Furotrix® External Formevet®

Olfactory Bollard for Dogs / Cats

Furotrix exteriors is an anti-marking olfactory deterrent for dogs and cats. Contains micro-encapsulated essential oils that release a characteristic odor and natural active ingredients strongly unwelcome to dogs and cats. In this way, a real barrier effect is created which dissuades the animals from frequenting the treated surfaces and their proximity.

Furotrix Outdoors for dogs and cats, is particularly suitable for preventing the marking of the territory and other unwelcome behaviors in outdoor environments.
In particular

to avoid unwanted emissions of urine and / or faeces into outdoor areas;
to avoid the marking of doors, entrances, shop windows, gardens, stairs, wheels, etc .;
to avoid the occupation of unwanted spaces


500ml bottle.