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  • Bioscalin® Energy Giuliani 30 Tablets Special Price -27%

Bioscalin® Energy Giuliani 30 Tablets Special Price

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Bioscalin® Energy Giuliani Food Supplement

Thinning and thinned hair - Man

A food supplement in tablets formulated for human hair when they are weak and fragile due to physiological changes or hormonal imbalances.

Gluten free.

  • PRODUCT TYPE: Tablets
  • TECHNOLOGY: AJB-Complex, ATP-3, R-Plus2
  • SIGNALS : Weak hair, Thin hair, Thinning
  • BENEFITS: Healthy hair (Biotin), Hair energy (Arginine - Caffeine - Carnitine)


When it is indicated

When it is useful to take a supplement to stimulate the growth of strong and vigorous hair.

How to hire

One tablet a day , preferably with breakfast in the morning or with the main meal.

Recommended treatment

2 months . For greater effectiveness, a 3-month complete treatment is recommended .


R-Plus: release technology that optimizes the availability of the active ingredients, which arrive intact in the intestine for greater effectiveness. Thanks to this technology, the product is highly digestible.

ATP-3: patented association of three active ingredients - Arginine, Caffeine and Carnitine: implicated in the processes of cellular energy metabolism.

AJB-Complex: complex with Ajuga Reptans (European plant) and Biotin, ingredients with a recognized action on the hair. Biotin contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair.

Pomegranate and green coffee extracts: they contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, which also attacks the hair.

Ubidecarenone, Creatine and Zinc: nutrients that complete the formulation. Zinc, useful for the synthesis of proteins including keratin (hair constituent), is inserted in liposomal form to be more bioavailable.


Pack of 30 tablets - Special Price