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Bioscalin® TricoAGE 45+ Giuliani Casket

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Bioscalin® TricoAGE 45+ Giuliani Women's Hair Treatment

The Bioscalin TricoAGE 45+ system performs a real integrated action on the woman's hair. During menopause and in the period before it, hair can also undergo profound changes.
Thinning, weakening, thinning: over time, the hair gradually seems to lose its charm and splendor. The TricoAGE 45+ system helps the hair to recover lost well-being, restoring their volume, body and shine.


Bioscalin® TricoAGE 45+ System integrates the specific and targeted actions of tablets, vials and shampoos of the TricoAGE 45 + Line, a treatment designed by Giuliani Research for the hair of women who, after 45 years of age, begin to thin, thin out and fall out.
The TricoAGE 45+ system includes 30 tablets, 10 ampoules and a 200 ml bottle of shampoo: acting both from the inside and from the outside, it performs a complete action on the hair to nourish it, revitalize it and restore its beauty and health.


The supplement in tablets performs its action from the inside bringing to the hair a mix of nutrients combined with specific complexes, the result of Giuliani Research. BioEquolo®, consisting of fermented Soya and Ajuga Reptans, is useful for nourishing hair, while ColorCare, by combining Resveratrol and Wakame seaweed, promotes hair well-being. The special R-Plus technology allows to convey the active ingredients optimally and maximize their absorption, enhancing the action on the hair.


The vials act from the outside, enhancing the nourishment provided by the tablets from the inside.
Thanks to an innovative formulation, the active ingredients arrive directly at the bulb, where they perform their anti-fall and anti-aging action: BioEquolo® helps to counteract thinning and hair loss, while Biogenina® performs a fortifying and nourishing action.
Lastly, ColorCare, thanks to an association of ceramides and antioxidants, protects and counteracts hair aging.


The integrated treatment for women's hair is completed with shampoo which, by gently cleansing hair and scalp without depleting the hydrolipidic film, completes the supplement and serum action, leaving hair soft, full-bodied and shiny. Thanks to the presence of functional components, the shampoo is able to give strength and density to the hair and protect it from external aggressions.


Supplement : 1 tablet per day, preferably for breakfast or the main meal

Ampoules : Apply 1 ampoule every 3 days on the dry or wet and buffered scalp

Shampoo : Use, even daily, for cleansing hair and scalp

For long-lasting results, we recommend continuing with the TricoAGE 45+ supplement or ampoules at the end of the shock treatment.


Pack containing
Food supplement of 30 tablets.
Fall protection vials: 10 ampoules
Strengthening shampoo: 200 ml