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  • Bioscalin® Nails Giuliani 30 Tablets -30%

Bioscalin® Nails Giuliani 30 Tablets

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Bioscalin® Nails Giuliani Food Supplement


Strength for the nails

Nutritional deficiencies and excess free radicals can lead to the growth of fragile, weak nails, with a tendency to break and flake . Bioscalin Nails helps to provide an additional supply of amino acids, vitamins and minerals useful for the growth of the nail.

Gluten free.

  • PRODUCT TYPE: Tablets
  • DESIGNED FOR: Woman, Man
  • SIGNALS: Brittle, dull nails with a tendency to break and flake
  • BENEFITS: Maintenance of healthy nails (Zinc and Selenium), Protection from oxidative stress that causes it to weaken (Vitamin C and E - Copper - Manganese)


When it is indicated

When the nails appear weak, fragile, easy to break and dull in appearance, conditions often resulting from nutritional deficiencies.

How to take it

1 tablet per day, preferably with breakfast in the morning or with the main meal.

Read the warnings on the packaging.


Biogenina® (European patent) and Dimethylsulfone (organic form of sulfur, mineral present in the nails).

Zinc and Selenium : contribute to the maintenance of normal nails.

Vitamin C, E, Manganese and Copper : protect cells from oxidative stress, one of the causes of weakening nails.

Vitamin B6 : helps the functional synthesis of Cysteine, constituent of Keratin, the main component of the nail.

Retard technology : allows, with only one administration per day, a constant and prolonged release over time (about 8-12 hours) of the components, in order to optimize their absorption.


Pack of 30 tablets.