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  • Guliani Trosyd 1% Tioconazole Skin Powder 30g -44%

Guliani Trosyd 1% Tioconazole Skin Powder 30g

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Trosyd® Powder is an antifungal drug in powder indicated for the treatment of cutaneous mycoses caused by dermatophyte fungi, yeasts and other fungi. This antifungal powder contains Tioconazole in a concentration of 1% , a broad-spectrum active ingredient responsible for the therapeutic action of the drug both on yeasts and dermatophytes and against Gram-positive bacteria. Its double fungicidal and antibacterial action therefore allows the elimination of the micro-organisms responsible for the infection and also reduces the risk of recurrence. Given its pharmaceutical form in powder form, it is indicated for skin areas subject to sweat or secretion absorption. For this reason it is particularly suitable for socks and shoes.

How to apply

Trosyd® 1% Skin Powder is indicated in the treatment of cutaneous mycoses , especially for those areas of the skin made moist by sweat or secretions. Skin Powder is available in a practical format thanks to which it can be applied in a uniform layer, with a light massage, directly on the skin affected by mycosis and on the immediately surrounding skin. We recommend applying the product twice a day, morning and evening . The product can also be sprinkled inside socks and shoes. Trosyd® Powder is a useful complement to Tioconazole Cream.

Duration of treatment

The duration of treatment with Tioconazole needed to achieve healing varies from patient to patient and can be assessed in relation to the infecting agent and the site of infection. A 7-day treatment is usually sufficient to achieve healing in most patients with Pityriasis versicolor (fungal infection that occurs with coffee-milk colored spots, generally located on the trunk), while up to 6 weeks of treatment may be needed in case of severe forms of Tinea Pedis , or athlete's foot, especially with regard to the hyperkeratotic clinical variety. The duration of treatment required for dermatophyte infections and other localizations for Candidase and Eritasma is usually between 2 and 4 weeks.


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