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G3 Guna Drops 30ml

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G3 Guna Drops Homeopathic Medicinal Gluten Free

GUNA® G3 Drops is a homeopathic medicine indicated in the treatment of symptoms associated with functional disorders of the menstrual cycle: functional disorders of the menarche, functional disorders of the puberty phase; secondary amenorrhea due to stress, inadequate diets, excessive sporting activity; regulation of ovulation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome; menstrual disorders due to GnRh deficiency. Adjuvant in female acne therapy. Hypertrichosis in ovarian microcystosis.

GUNA® G3 Drops is formulated with two organotherapics and two remedies of Classical Homeopathy (a basic remedy and a constitutional remedy).
• Ovarium and Corpus Luteum: administered together, they have a central role in the regulation of hypophysis-ovarian feed-back, without side effects and contraindications. The combination of Ovarium + Corpus luteum (due to the presence in the first of infinitesimal doses of Estrogens and Progesterone, and in the second of infinitesimal doses of Progesterone) can be considered as an estro-progestin association in a homeopathic dilution, which is however scalar, which it finds. indication in all conditions of ovarian hypofunction or functional dysregulation.
• Pulsatilla: it is the remedy of the typical female biotype of the woman of childbearing age, with cyclothymic character, unstable affection, “lover of cuddles. The characteristics of the affective sphere of the Pulsatilla woman are an expression of the hypothalamic functional alternation that also influences the pituitary function: FSH and LH often have receptor and quantitative disorders in these subjects.
• Kalium carbonicum: it makes the product useful not only for the management of the pituitary-ovarian hormonal function of the phosphoric subject, but also for that of the carbonic subject.

Method of use

Initially it is recommended to take 15 drops 2 times a day, then increase by one drop per day up to 10 drops three times a day. Pour into a small amount of water, sip slowly and keep in the mouth before swallowing.


Administer during pregnancy and lactation only after medical consultation.

The effectiveness of a homeopathic preparation can be negatively influenced by the consumption of spicy foods, products containing mint and the use of exciting substances.

The use of homeopathic medicines can aggravate the disorders in a transitory way (initial aggravation). If this aggravation persists, you must stop taking (or apply) the product and inform your doctor or pharmacist.


Ovarium suis D8, Ovarium suis D12, Ovarium suis D 30, Corpus luteum suis D8, Corpus luteum suis D12, Corpus luteum suis D30, Pulsatilla D6, Pulsatilla D8, Pulsatilla D30, Kalium carbonicum 6CH. 30% alcohol.


30 ml dropper bottle.