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  • Happy ... P! Camon® Gelling Powder 100g -15%

Happy ... P! Camon® Gelling Powder 100g

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Happy ... P! Camon® - Gelling Powder

It gels the urine and soft feces of dogs and cats, neutralizing bad smells

Our four-legged friends have a habit of peeing on floors, carpets and sofas. Happy powder… P! in contact with urine and soft stools it creates a compact amalgam that can be easily collected with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

The result will be incredible!

Surfaces dry, scented and without streaks.

Thanks to our patented molecule, present in the composition of Happy… P!, Pee and diarrhea will no longer be a problem. Stains, halo and bad smells will be immediately neutralized and our friends will never return to the same place!

Happy… P! it can also be used in litter boxes to prevent bad smells. Finally a product that really works and definitively solves these annoying everyday problems.

Happy… P! it is a class 1 medical device, so if ingested it is not dangerous for the health of our animal friends.


  • Pour a few grams of product on the liquid.
  • Wait a few seconds.
  • Once the urine and soft feces are gelled, collect with a vacuum cleaner or broom.
  • The substance can subsequently be disposed of as normal urban waste.


100g jar