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  • HiPP Organic By Millet 200g cream

HiPP Organic By Millet 200g cream

  • Brand: HIPP ITALIA Srl
  • Product Code: 926148382
  • EAN: 4062300230316
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HiPP Organic

Creams For Cereals


Creams to organic cereals HiPP. Ideal to start weaning. Creams HiPP the grains are excellent sources of energy for the child's weaning, thanks to their natural wealth of carbohydrates. All easily digestible, they are enriched with vitamin B1 and do not contain GMOs, in accordance with European law. They are also free of added sugar or salt (containing only sugar or sodium natural ingredients).

Millet cream

  • Awarded by precious easily digestible organic cereals, the Miglio HiPP Cream is ideal for weaning from the 4th month onwards. Creamy consistency, is of simple and rapid preparation because ready instantly.
  • 100% organic grains
  • gluten free
  • without milk
  • without added sugar - it contains naturally occurring sugars
  • no flavorings
  • with essential vitamin B1 *

* In accordance with European law

With production Organic ingredients