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  • Ialuset Silver IBSA Spray Powder 125ml -41%

Ialuset Silver IBSA Spray Powder 125ml

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Ialuset Silver IBSA Spray Powder - Medical Device

IALUSET SILVER is a product for cutaneous use based on 2.5% ionic silver crystallized in zeolites.

IALUSET SILVER helps keep the lesion protected from bacterial contamination, facilitating the wound healing process: ionic silver allows to create a clean environment at the level of the lesion, while zeolite allows the homogeneous presence of ionic silver throughout the wound.

IALUSET SILVER is indicated in the treatment of infected wounds with exudate , such as cuts, abrasions, grazes, pressure sores, minor burns and skin lesions.

How to use

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect the wound.
  • Hold the container upright, spray at short intervals enough powder to cover the wound surface.
  • Apply a sterile gauze, a premedicated plaster or a ready-made dressing to the medicated part.


IALUSET SILVER is applied 1 or 2 times a day, if necessary.

Additional information

  • IALUSET SILVER is produced in ITALY;
  • it is useful in first aid;
  • it is practical, thanks to its spray formulation,
  • does not stain;
  • it does not contain components of animal origin.


Powder in spray format of 125 ml.