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  • Ialuset Plus IBSA Cream 100g -70%

Ialuset Plus IBSA Cream 100g

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Ialuset Plus IBSA Cream - Healing

Ialuset Plus Cream is a healing agent indicated in the treatment of infected wounds and burns , dermatological diseases of bacterial origin or predisposed to the development of secondary infections.

Ialuset Plus Cream is composed of hyaluronic acid which is the main component of the fundamental substance of the dermis with a moisturizing action , it intervenes in all stages of the healing process, accelerates healing and re-epithelialization of skin lesions . Its hygroscopic properties maintain a humid environment, favorable to the tissue regeneration process, furthermore the hyaluronic acid used is obtained by biofermentation, the silver sulfadiazine is a component characterized by a high antibacterial activity, mainly on Gram bacteria.

How to use

First cleanse and clean the application area, then after carrying out the normal cleaning procedures, apply the cream directly on the cleaned and disinfected wound, forming a layer of about 2-3 mm or spread the cream on a sterile gauze to be applied then on the wound. Since the cream is protected by a sterile gauze it is possible to keep the dressing in place by means of an appropriate bandage, before each new application, it is recommended to clean the wound with physiological solution. The application must be renewed every 24 hours starting from granulation until complete healing. The cream can be removed by simply washing with water. The evolution of the wound or burn healing process must be evaluated by the doctor. The total duration of treatment should not exceed 1 month.


Hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) (0.2%), silver sulfadiazine (1%), other components: decyl ester of oleic acid, cetylstearyl alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium cetearylsophate, macrogol, liquid sorbitol, glycerol, water.


Known sensitivity to sulfonamides, general or local (contact eczema).
Allergy to one of the components.
Due to insufficient data, the use of ialuset® PLUS is not recommended in children under the age of two.


It is of fundamental importance to keep Ialuset Plus Cream in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity, keep absolutely out of reach of children.


100 g tube.