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  • Flectormed 140mg IBSA 7 Medicated Patches -27%

Flectormed 140mg IBSA 7 Medicated Patches

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Flectormed 140mg Medicated Patches IBSA - Medical Device

Advanced formulation for rapid and targeted action in case of sprains, strains and bruises, even with edema.

Flector® is a self-adhesive medicated plaster, with Hydrogel technology, with anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anti-edema action.

Flectormed® constantly releases the active ingredient for up to 24 hours.

Flectormed ® Medicated Patch is produced in Italy.


Flectormed ® medicated plaster, when applied to the area where pain is felt, has a rapid and targeted action against pain and inflammation, thanks to a gradual and constant release of the active ingredient for up to 24 hours.

Flectormed ® is a medicated plaster based on Diclofenac, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory active ingredient, for cutaneous use. Diclofenac is salified with epolamine salt (Diclofenac epolamine, in the dosage of 180 mg): this allows to facilitate the absorption and concentration of the active ingredient in the area affected by pain, favoring a rapid but prolonged anti-inflammatory and analgesic pharmacological action and facilitating healing even in the presence of edema.

  • Useful against pain and inflammation from bruises, sprains and tendinitis
  • When needed, 1 application every 24 hours
  • Double action: fights pain and inflammation, even in the presence of edema
  • Formulation developed for quick and targeted action


Dosage: 1 patch per day (one application every 24 hours). Cut the top of the sealed pouch following the dotted line and remove the patch. Remove the plastic layer protecting the adhesive side of the medicated plaster. Apply the medicated plaster to the swollen area of the skin or where you feel pain.


The Flectormed ® medicated plaster is composed of 3 layers: a transparent protective film that is removed before application, the self-adhesive Hydrogel layer containing the active ingredient and a fabric part that offers flexibility to the medicated plaster, allowing the necessary comfort for the skin .

Thanks to its reticular structure, Hydrogel retains a high quantity of water (about 45%) which, by evaporating, gives the skin a cryogenic effect, allowing the active ingredient, by osmotic effect, to permeate through the skin.

  • Useful when needed even in case of application on delicate or sensitive skin as it is free of irritating solvents.
  • If necessary, it can be easily removed and repositioned (the pharmacological action will continue for up to 24 hours from the first application).


Flectormed ® is available in the format of 7 patches in a single pouch.