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  • IDI CistiDil 500mg Acne Treatment 30 Tablets -10%

IDI CistiDil 500mg Acne Treatment 30 Tablets

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Cystidyl 500mg

Acne Treatment

Adjuvant in the treatment of acne, atrophic dermatitis and psoriasis


Each tablet contains: Active ingredient: Levo-cystine 500,000 mg Excipients: rice starch FU VIII 85.00 mg; lactose FU VIII 25.00 mg; polyethylene glycol 6000 FU VIII 20.00 mg; carboxymethyl starch sodium salt USP 15.00 mg; magnesium stearate FU VIII 5.00 mg.


Cystinuria with kidney stones, individual sensitivity ascertained to the components.

How to use

2 to 4 tablets orally during meals for 2 or 3 monthly cycles. The tablets can be swallowed whole or broken; better if with meals, or chewed by subjects with particular gastric sensitivity.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Cystine has no teratogenic effect.


Pack of 30 tablets