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  • Lichtena Sensitive Skin Cream 50ml -5%

Lichtena Sensitive Skin Cream 50ml

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The soothing treatment for sensitive and reactive skin

Lichtena® Cream is the active dermocosmetic treatment born from the collaboration of Lichtena® with Doctors Dermatologists, which offers the ideal response to skin irritation reactions typical of sensitive skin thanks to the exclusive AI3active Complex, 3 times effective on sensitive and reactive skin of adults and children :

  • Quickly soothes redness and itching, restoring comfort and relief to irritated areas
  • restores the skin barrier reinforcing the defenses
  • protects the skin by increasing its resistance to irritating, exogenous and endogenous factors, which attack it every day


The soothing, repairing and protective efficacy of Lichtena® Cream on sensitive and reactive skins is guaranteed by its innovative composition, enriched by the exclusive AI3active Complex , which combines patented active ingredients with dermo-affine natural assets:

  • AR-GB11® - Patented antioxidant , the result of Giuliani Dermatological Research, which counteracts oxidative stress and helps to block the mechanisms that generate skin hyper-reactivity in the bud
  • Active 18 β-Glycyrrhetic - Functional principle of licorice with marked soothing and anti-reddening properties , which has proven effective in reducing capillary permeability and acting as a dermo-repairer for delicate and chapped skin
  • Allantoin - Active of natural origin with protective and re-epithelising action : its topical application promotes cell proliferation and rapid reconstruction of the epithelium in damaged tissues
  • Beta-Sitosterol - Active of natural origin with emollient , restorative, soothing , decongestant and repairing properties of the skin's hydrolipidic barrier
  • Chamomile Oil and Shea Butter - Emollients able to reduce redness and itching

Lichtena® Cream does not contain dyes or parabens; its formula is nickel tested *.

* Even residual nickel contents can create, in particular in predisposed subjects, allergic reactions or sensitization.


Lichtena® Cream is a sensitive skin cream with a rich, soft and full-bodied consistency which, once applied, is surprising for the sensation of nourishment and immediate comfort on the skin.

Tested effectiveness

effectiveness of Lichtena® Cream is proven by numerous clinical studies carried out under dermatological control on adults and children , which showed a rapid improvement in subjective symptoms (itching and burning), as well as redness, scaling and dryness.

The formulation of Lichtena® Cream has proven effective in reducing oxidative stress and restoring the skin's "barrier" function: thanks to its normalizing action on the skin, day after day, it regains its natural balance.

Mode of use

Apply the product 1 or 2 times a day , gently massaging the areas to be treated. A continuous application allows to normalize face and body skin.

Lichtena® is a delicate cream like your skin: remember to protect it by closing the jar well after each use.


  • The Lichtena® Cream is indicated in all cases of facial and body redness , scaling and / or irritation and itching of various kinds. Lichtena® Cream, in the case of atopic dermatitis , is useful as an adjuvant treatment; in the same way, it can help to soothe the skin in case of allergic and contact reactions and sunburn .
  • Lichtena®Crema is also ideal in case of post-shaving, post-depilation, peeling, laser or other aesthetic treatments, after the use of aggressive or inadequate cosmetics and in case of environmental or atmospheric stress (sun, wind, cold) .
  • Lichtena®Crema is particularly suitable for sensitive and vulnerable skin of children , thanks to its ability to counteract the onset of irritation and redness of the face and body. For the delicacy of Lichtena® Cream on the skin of the newborn, its use is ideal as an adjunct in the treatment of diaper dermatitis and in case of atopic skin.

Format: 50ml jar