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  • Lichtena Equilidra Age Anti-Age Casket Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Intensive Pearl Concentrate -5%

Lichtena Equilidra Age Anti-Age Casket Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Intensive Pearl Concentrate

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Equilidra Age

Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Intensive Pearl Concentrate

Lichtena Equilydra Age in a casket with a precious free clutch that combines anti-aging anti-aging treatment for dry skin and an intensive anti-wrinkle concentrate in pearls.


Providing the skin with targeted treatments to relax and reduce wrinkles is important to maintain a young and radiant face over time.
Lichtena Equilydra Age offers you the ideal program for a complete anti-wrinkle - anti-age treatment: The Anti-wrinkle Treatment - Anti-aging for normal and combination skin is combined with the Anti-wrinkle Intensive Serum - Anti-age for incredibly more compact and youthful skin.
Also immediately as a gift the elegant and very practical blue satin clutch, to hold all your Lichtena Equilydra Age products.

The entire Lichtena Equilydra Age line contains the exclusive patented Skin-Correct complex obtained from the association between GLA Rutin and Hyaluronic Acid which has been shown to:

- Reduce and smooth wrinkles
- Replenish the skin, restoring the optimal degree of skin hydration
- Increase the barrier function of the skin


Lichtena Equilydra Age Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Anti-aging 50ml is an exclusive cream with a pleasant soft and silky texture, awakens the youthfulness of the skin giving an immediate sensation of softness and smoothness, with a visible effect of relaxation and filling of wrinkles.
The complexion is simply more compact, smoother and brighter.

Lichtena Equilydra Age 30 Intensive Concentrate Precious single dose pearls with a silky and light consistency, it is immediately absorbed by penetrating deeply.
It regenerates the skin, smoothes and visibly reduces wrinkles and signs of aging.


It is advisable to apply anti-age anti-wrinkle treatment with light touches on the face and neck, perfectly cleansed until absorption.
The intensive concentrate in single-dose pearls can be applied every day, morning or evening, on perfectly cleansed face and neck in combination with the daily Lichtena Equilydra Age treatments, to enhance their anti-wrinkle action.
Use twice a day as a shock treatment is recommended.