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  • 01 N Agrimonia Eupatoria Compositum Labor Villa Stoddard 60ml -15%

01 N Agrimonia Eupatoria Compositum Labor Villa Stoddard 60ml

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01 N Agrimonia Eupatoria Compositum Labor Villa Stoddard Food Supplement

It can be useful to promote the correct functioning of the upper respiratory system in seasonal and vocal problems.


For mixtures for internal use, except those listed below, we recommend the following dosage to be adapted to the individual patient according to age, constitution, build and individual sensitivity.

The indicated dose must be diluted in a small glass of water, (about 30-40 cc.). The use of lukewarm water makes the administration more mild and is indicated for those suffering from problems of assimilation or intolerance to the products; in these cases you must also take fasting preparations.

The minimum recommended amount of any product is 20 drops once a day. If possible, keep the last sip of the mixture in your mouth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. In case of chronic diseases the mixtures will have to be taken for many months.


(applicable to all products except those listed below, for which the single dosage will be specified each time in the individual data sheets)

Age n ° drops n ° daily administrations NOTE
5 -10 10 2 - 3 see the general advice and any warnings in the technical data sheets
10 - 15 20 - 25 2 - 3 like above
more than 15 25 - 30 2 - 3 in case of minute and delicate constitution or in the presence of stomach upset
more than 15 35 - 40 3 - 4 in case of normal or strong build with an unhealthy and unregulated diet


On chronic conditions even if the situation has improved or resolved, continue with a maintenance dose of 20 - 30 drops 1 sprint per day


(In these cases the dosage may be different or with particular intake modalities. Consult the individual product data sheets)

Mixture No. NOTE
2 hyperthyroidism (see technical data sheet)
3 in case of colic attacks: the dosage is increased
16 in case of colic attacks: the dosage is increased
17 for hypertension (adjust the dosage more or less depending on the case)
19 for the menstrual cycle (see technical data sheet)
25 digestive (you can increase the dose and put, if you use it, the drops in the last sip of wine)
29 cardiotonic, lower doses can be used.
32 against intestinal parasites (see technical data sheet).
36 for the stomach can be taken in greater dosage.
39 arrhythmias, lower dosages can be used.
63 slimming, the dosage can be increased. Check for sensitivity to Fucus (Quercia Marina), which, in any case, is contained in minimal quantities in the product.


60ml bottle