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  • + 39Mask FFP2 Italhealth 15 Pieces -73%

+ 39Mask FFP2 Italhealth 15 Pieces

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+ 39Mask FFP2 Italhealth - Individual Protection Device

Protective mask capable of filtering 95% of the microparticles suspended in the air

Moldable in 3 dimensions, it ensures an excellent level of adherence and comfort thanks to the included nasal support

+ 39MASK FFP2 NR masks are frequently used to prevent bacterial / viral infections and to prevent breathing of harmful particles

  • In the construction sector;
  • In the chemical industry;
  • In the healthcare industry;
  • As an allergen protective device.

The mask is also an effective protection for any environmental and atmospheric conditions.

It can protect against fog, dust, smoke, car exhaust and other pollutants.

How to use

Open the mask, place the nasal support in correspondence with the nasal bridge. Place the mask on the chin and pull the elastic to the ears, adjust until a comfortable fit. Adjust the nose clip to the shape of the nose Press both index fingers on the nose clip to create snug fit and prevent air leakage.
Check of the correct positioning of the mask: place your hands on the mask and exhale vigorously.
Replace the mask immediately if you experience difficulty in breathing or if the mask is damaged, or if there are problems with adherence to the face.
Careful observance of these instructions is essential for safe use of the respirator.


Material (5 layers)

  • External surface: non-woven polypropylene 40g / m2;
  • Soft padding: 45 g / m2 non-woven fabric;
  • Filter: melt-blown polypropylene 25 g / m2;
  • Filter: melt-blown polypropylene 25 g / m2;
  • Internal surface: non-woven polypropylene 30g / m2.


Disposable mask, do not reuse.
Carefully follow the illustrative figures and the instructions for use for the correct use of the mask and check the level of adherence to the face.
The mask is not effective for preventing inhalation of toxic gases, vapors and fumigants, or when worn in an area with an oxygen concentration of less than 19.5%. Wear only in properly ventilated and oxygenated areas.
It should not be worn and does not constitute adequate protection in cases of toxic or contaminating agents concentration.

Immediately abandon current business and seek health care if

  • Breathing difficulties are encountered
  • There is a beginning of dizziness, nausea or other physical discomfort.

Improperly altering, modifying or repairing the bezel will void its filtering action.

When you throw it away, fold it back facing out towards the center.

The mask is able to filter some contaminants, but incorrect use can cause contagion and consequent illness, even death.

Materials in direct contact with the skin can cause an allergic reaction to uncertain hypersensitive individuals.

This product is not flame resistant and should not be used in open flame areas.


Keep in dark, dry and well-ventilated conditions, away from naked flames and sources of pollution.
Validity in unopened package: 5 years.


Packs of 15 pieces.