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  • Meclon Idra Alfasigma 7 Single-dose 5ml

Meclon Idra Alfasigma 7 Single-dose 5ml

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Meclon Hydra Alfasigma - Medical Device


Medical device in the form of emulgel, for vaginal application, useful for promoting the hydration of the atrophic or thinned mucosa, reducing related symptoms such as dryness, itching, burning and irritation.


Thanks to the synergistic action of its functional components, MECLON IDRA

  • Moisturizes the mucosa by reducing vaginal dryness;
  • Protects the vaginal tissue by relieving bothersome symptoms such as itching and burning;
  • It soothes irritation and inflammatory state of the vaginal mucosa;
  • It does not alter the vaginal pH.
  • With hyaluronic acid, sea buckthorn, aloe vera.


The use of MECLON IDRA is recommended in case of vaginal atrophy and dryness of various origins (menopause, drugs, hormonal imbalances, stress).
MECLON IDRA can also be used for external application. The product can also be used during therapy with local or systemic drugs such as antibiotics and antifungals.
Patent application filed.
Without parabens.


How to use

Use a single dose per day for a period of 2 weeks.
During the maintenance phase it is advisable to repeat the application twice a week for a period of at least two months. For longer periods, consult your doctor.
MECLON IDRA is compatible with the use of latex prophylactic drugs and does not reduce their contraceptive and protective efficacy against sexually transmitted diseases.



Before use, read the package leaflet carefully.



Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Avoid exposure to localized heat sources, sunlight and contact with water.
Validity for intact packaging: 60 months.



Pack of 7 single doses of 5 ml.