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  • First Teeth Beef In Small Pieces Mellin 2x80g

First Teeth Beef In Small Pieces Mellin 2x80g

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Primi Dentini Beef In Small Pieces Mellin - Homogenized

Baby food with small pieces of beef and rice flour.
Indicated from the 8th to the 36th month unless otherwise advised by the pediatrician.

Mellin has developed PRECINUTRI ™ , the exclusive NUTRITIONAL PRECISION Program to meet the specific needs of your child .


Cooking water, beef (30%), corn starch, rice starch, rice flour (2.5%), sunflower oil, concentrated lemon juice.

How to Prepare and Store

For when he starts chewing: with the new line of Primi Dentini products, thanks to the size of the small pieces of meat, you help your child to experiment with new textures.

Remove the cap, heat in a bain-marie or in the microwave and add to the baby food. Consume the product according to the quantities indicated by the pediatrician.

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources. The jar that is not completely used must be stored in the refrigerator at 4 ° C and consumed within 24 hours. To be consumed by the date indicated on the capsule.

Nutritional table

Power KJ 350
kcal 83
Fat g 3.2
of which saturated fatty acids g 1.3
Carbohydrates (pd) g 7.4
of which sugars g 0
Proteins g 6.2
Salt does not exceed a. g 0.06


Pack of 2 jars of 80g each.