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  • Meritene Chicken Puree With Patatas Y Zanahorias 6 Sobres -5%

Meritene Chicken Puree With Patatas Y Zanahorias 6 Sobres

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Meritene Instant Puré
Chicken and carrots

Simple meal to prepare and easy to swallow

A nutritionally complete food specifically for patients suffering from dysphagia, available in tasty different flavors.
Meritene Puré is a product designed by Nestlé Health Science to address the dietary needs of people with chewing or swallowing problems. Thanks to its carefully studied nutritional profile, it guarantees a calibrated supply of nutrients to the body and provides a complete spectrum of vitamins (in particular B2, B6 and B12) and mineral salts, essential for the health of the entire body. Meritene Puré is indicated for the nutrition of patients with dysphagia, chewing difficulties due to temporary or permanent causes, for subjects who have a reduction in appetite or for those who want to enjoy a complete and tasty meal, even if they do not have time to spend in the kitchen. Meritene Puré is available in 6 flavors: chicken with vegetables, cod with vegetables, turkey with vegetables, veal with vegetables, ham with vegetables and beef. The packages contain 6 single-dose sachets of 75 g, sold in packs of 6 portions. To be able to taste an excellent puree, soft and tasty, simply add 200 ml of hot water or broth and mix for a couple of minutes until you obtain a homogeneous cream, which can be customized as desired with the addition of seasonings and spices. A portion constitutes a balanced single meal and brings about (depending on the taste chosen) a total of 346 kcal, with 14 g of fat, 37 g of carbohydrates, 15 g of protein and 3.8 g of fiber.

Meritene Puré Instant is indicated for the diet of people who are incase of:
- nutritional deficiencies;
- increased calorie-protein requirements;
- recovery and / or rehabilitation periods;
- malnutrition or risk of malnutrition;
- asthenia, weight loss, loss of appetite, eating disorders;
- chewing difficulties (both permanent and temporary);
- difficulty swallowing (dysphagia).

Meritene Instant Puré is a simple and tasty solution to rediscover the pleasure of being at the table.

Contains in particular:
-proteins, which help strengthen muscle mass;
- vitamins and minerals including vitamins B2, B6 and B12, which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Method of use
Pour the contents of the sachet into a container. Add 280 ml of water to mix until completely dissolved for 1-2 minutes. Recommendations for consumption: you can melt the product in meat or vegetable broth and add oil, salt or spices to your liking. To obtain a thicker consistency, dissolve the product in 250 ml of water or broth. Once prepared, the product must be consumed within 6 hours. It can be kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Store in a dry place away from heat sources.
Valid for intact packaging: 12 months.

Pack of 6 single-dose sachets of 71 g.
Net weight: 426 g.

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