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  • Master-Aid® Foot Care Wart Patch 12 Pieces -41%

Master-Aid® Foot Care Wart Patch 12 Pieces

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Master-Aid ®

Foot Care

Warts patch

Anti-wart patch consisting of a skin-colored polyethylene support fitted with a white central expanded polyethylene disk containing a matrix based on TCA (trichloroacetic acid). Hypoallergenic adhesive with high adhesion.

Wax patch is indicated for the removal by plant keratolytic plantar and palmar warts.

Crioline Verruche acts in three directions:

1) It protects the area where the wart is present thanks to the disk in expanded polyethylene and reduces the discomfort that is generated during the pressure

2) Prevents infection, isolating the wart. It constitutes an effective barrier against the contamination of the virus towards other parts of the body or contagion to other subjects

3) Effectively removes the wart. TCA (trichloroacetic acid) produces a sweet and continuous keratolytic activity. The use is completely "painless" and also suitable for children

Warts patch is applied directly to the wart. Replace the patch every 12 hours. After 3 days of treatment remove the superficial layer of the wart with an abrasive material (for example, a cotton gauze). If the wart is not completely removed, wait 3 days and repeat the treatment for another 3 days. The treatment on the single wart can be repeated up to a maximum of four times.

Medical device CE 0476


Pack contains 12 patches.