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  • Mylan Mytest Armolipid Colester Kit -10%

Mylan Mytest Armolipid Colester Kit

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My Test


Armolipid MyTest Cholesterol is a disposable self-test that allows for the quantitative-determination of total cholesterol in the blood.
Armolipid MyTest Cholesterol can be used by people who have not previously performed a cholesterol test to get an indication on the cholesterol level in the blood and who can further investigate, in case of necessity, by contacting the doctor, and / or for people who, in the previous visitemate, high cholesterol levels in the blood have been detected and therefore they want to monitor their level at home.
Armolipid MyTest Cholesterol is based on the cholesterol esterase / cholesterol oxidase / peroxidase / chromogen reaction.
The intensity of color developed by the reaction is proportional to the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

Method of use
Wash your hands with warm water and dry them thoroughly. If your hands are cold, it is advised to massage them in order to increase the blood flow towards the fingers. Open the aluminum bag and remove the strip. Bend the support slightly to allow the opening of the fastening tabs (attention: do not bend the leals by hand).
Lock the test strip on the support using the self-locking tabs, being careful not to touch the test area delimited by the green lines.
Carefully rotate the protective cap 360 ° over the ground.
Remove and discard the released cap.
Massage the fingertip parting from the base of the finger to the extremity to favor the blood flow.
Press the lancet against the fingertip (from the side of the ring finger).
The tip automatically retrains safely after use.
Keep the hand facing down and gently smooth out the tip where the digitopuncture was made to get a drop of blood.
It is important to get a drop of "abundant" blood in order to carry out the test.
Apply the drop of blood on the strip inside the green area indicated by the arrow. Make sure the drop completely covers the reactive area within the green zone.
Wait 40 seconds.
After 40 seconds turn the support quickly and compare the color developed on the strip with each hole of the comparative paper. This operation must be done within the next 25 seconds. The numerical value indicated next to the corresponding color indicates your cholesterol level.

Chromogen: 0.25 mg / strip.
Cholesterol esterase: 0.8 IU / strip.
Cholesterol oxidase: 0.4 IU / strip.
POD: 1.2 IU / strip.

Read the instructions for use carefully before performing the test.
The test is intended for the analysis of capillary blood.
Do not use on serum or plasma.
If the cholesterol values obtained do not match the general state of health of the patient and / or the values usually recognized, the test should be repeated.
In this case you should consult your doctor.
Reducing agents, such as ascorbic acid at normal concentrations, do not interfere. If large quantities are taken, excessively low results can be obtained.
Samples with high levels of triglycerides, (more than 500 mg / dl) may influence the results.
Colorblind individuals should not use visual procedures based on color interpretation.
High levels of hemoglobin / bilirubin can interfere with the determination of the result causing the appearance of a lighter color than the real one.
Abnormal hematocrit values (higher than 50% or lower than 35%) may affect the result of the Armolipid MyTest Cholesterol strips.
The results can be influenced by high levels of steroids.
Armolipid MyTest Cholesterol cannot be used on neonatal blood samples.
Recent disease states, pregnancy and oral contraceptives can influence cholesterol values.
The results obtained under these conditions must be referred to a doctor before applying changes to the diet or therapies.
Not recommended for use by people who take medicines that make blood more fluid (anticoagulants) or by people who have hemophilia problems.
After use, dispose of all components in accordance with local regulations, ask your pharmacist for advice.
Do not change the medical prescriptions depending on the result of this test.
Do not freeze the product.
Do not open the blister in a steam environment. Do not open the blister until you want to do the test. Use the strip as soon as possible after it is removed from the blister.

Keep the strip in a dry place at room temperature (+ 5 ° C to + 30 ° C) away from direct sunlight.
The contents of the kit can be kept until the expiry date indicated on the package.
Keep the product away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
Final date of conservation from the date of production, in packed form: 30 months.

The package contains 2 hermetically sealed aluminum protective bags containing each:
- 1 Cholesterol Test strips
- 3 sterile lancets for blood sample collection
- 1 support
- 1 comparative card
- Instructions for Use.