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  • Natur Clarity Essence 15ml -18%

Natur Clarity Essence 15ml

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This combination gives an inner center of mental calm and lucidity. Recommended in cases of difficulty in concentration, confusion and mental restlessness, disorder and dispersion of mental energy. Very useful when the Yang energy of the inner male principle is missing and our projects remain incomplete and tend to procrastination. Essence of Clarity encourages you to pursue your goals until they are fully implemented. It is also very useful for those who practice meditation.


It corrects the vagueness of intent and the frustration of the inability to direct one's energies in a precise way. Helps in cases of procastination and confusion.


6 drops in a glass of water before bedtime

Shake the mixture well before each intake to keep the essences in an enhanced state. Keep away from radiation and electromagnetic sources such as TV, radio, computers, mobile phones.