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Nausil Drops 30ml

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Nausil Drops indications

Nausil drops is a pharmaceutical supplement in drops for children and adults to combat phenomena such as nausea, acetone and vomiting, also promotes digestion and prevents the onset of the aforementioned phenomena The synergistic composition of Nausil drops helps to maintain normal intestinal function, promoting the proliferation of bacterial flora and bringing balance, giving relief to those who use them reducing also any cramps.

In what circumstances should Nausil Gocce be used?

First of all Gastroenteritis, this is a disease caused by an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract involving the stomach and small intestine, in children it can be caused by Rotavirus while in adults by the Norwalk virus, Campylobacter or even by bacterial and parasitic infections, manifest with symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. In this case it is appropriate to take timely Nausil drops because it can help to decrease and counteract the symptoms, promoting fluid retention within the body and a faster recovery from the disease.
Another situation is acetone which is a symptomatology characterized by the presence in the blood flow of ketone bodies, is usually a symptom that accompanies some other diseases and in fact appears when the body, exhausted sugars, begins to burn fat to cope with their energy needs, this abnormal digestion generates acetone which is normally transformed into carbon dioxide and water. Nausil drops acts on the symptomatology of acetone, and therefore on abdominal pain and vomiting and helps to restore the correct balance of substances in the body. In addition, Nausil drops can be a valuable aid in calming these symptoms to allow you to rehydrate the patient and give him sugars, an important operation in the case of acetone.
Car sickness and seasickness that can affect both children between 3 and 12 years but also adults, motion sickness can also occur with other rhythmic or irregular movements, for example on swings, rides and so on. The effect of motion sickness is vomiting, nausea, dizziness, paleness of the face, cold sweating, headaches and increased salivation. It is recommended to take Nausil drops to counteract the effects of motion sickness for the duration of the trip. Being seasick or car sickness caused by a wrong body perception of movement, it is advisable to accompany the administration with some precautions, such as fixing the horizon to make the body aware of the movement of the vehicle and avoid instead of concentrating on screens or interlocutors or anything that can separate from the outside world and from the vehicle on which you travel.

Posology and intake of Nausil Drops

This supplement should be taken in different ways depending on whether it is an adult or a child, see the details below:

Children: 15 drops twice a day in a cooking spoon with a little water at room temeprature
Adults: 30 drops twice a day in a cooking spoon with a little water at room temeprature

What property does Nausil Drops contain?
- Vitamin B1: favors the use of sugars, fats and proteins;
- Vitamin B2: restores the altered glucose and lipid metabolism; an excellent antioxidant useful to combat free radicals and prevent intestinal infections;
- Vitamin B6;
- Sodium Citrate: antacid, promotes the decrease of hyperaciditygastrica thus decreasing heartburn;
- Potassium Citrate: alkaline which reduces gastric acidity;
- Alanine: regulates glucose in the blood by reducing the nausea provided by a blood-glucose capivaregulation;
- Ginger.

Components contained in Nausil Drops
Vitamin B1; vitamin B2; vitamin B6; sodium citrate; potassium citrate; alanine; ginger.

Format and correct conservation
Nausil drops should be stored in a cool place away from sources of heat and moisture, absolutely out of the reach of children, the product is sold in a bottle of 30 ready to use.