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  • Nestlé Heath Science Meritene Life D + Spray Food Supplement 18ml -11%

Nestlé Heath Science Meritene Life D + Spray Food Supplement 18ml

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Nestlé Heath Science

Deserve Life D + Spray

Dietary supplement

To make the full of vitamin d, 3 sprays are enough: thanks to meritene d + life, the high concentration of vitamin D spray.

Vitamin D is essential for health. Its deficiency can cause risk of bone fragility, poor absorption of calcium introduced with diet and impairment of muscle function. 80% of Italians are deficient in vitamin D for several factors: low sun exposure that limits the production of vitamin D by our skin, the use of sunscreens with high protection factors, the scarcity of foods source of vitamin D, women most at risk of osteoporosis and adulthood influencing a reduction in vitamin D production. Nestlé Health Science developed Meritene Vita D +, vitamin D dietary supplement in oral spray format. In fact, scientific studies have shown that after 1 month of treatment with Meritene Vita D + with 3 sprays per day directly under the tongue, the amount of vitamin D in the blood increases by twice the same dosage in capsules. Simply shake your Vita D + bottle and spray the product under your tongue 1 to 3 times a day. The taste with fresh mint, then, will make this gesture absolutely pleasant. Meritene Vita D + is free from substances like dyes and without sugars; it is also suitable for vegetarians and celiacs.