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  • New Era 1 Calcium Fluoratum Named 240 Granules -44%

New Era 1 Calcium Fluoratum Named 240 Granules

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New Era 1 Calcium Fluoratum Named Food Supplement


NEW ERA 1 Calcium Fluoratum 240 Orodispersible Tablets is the Schussler Salt Calcium Fluoride, assisting the elasticity of the tissues, tooth enamel, teething, joint stiffness, tendon retractions, corns, venous varices, hemorrhoids, pregnancy.
It affects bone tissue, muscles and ligaments, tooth enamel, skin, eye lens, heart and blood vessels.

NEW ERA® 1 Calcium Fluoratum 240 Orodispersible Tablets is the salt of elasticity. It is indicated in all those situations where it is necessary to improve the elasticity of the tissues (hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stretch marks), for tooth enamel and for teething in children (avoids the formation of caries).

Calcium fluoride is found in all elastic tissues, in tooth enamel and in bones. Its intake also improves peripheral circulation. Its use is mostly indicated in case of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, varicose ulcers, arteriosclerosis, caries, tendinitis, lumbago, neuralgia. The general situation of the problem improves with the heat, worsens with the wet cold, rest and manipulations. This salt acts on the elasticity of the connective tissue. It is therefore advisable to integrate it for the treatment of cellulite, the prevention of osteoporosis and the formation of cysts, for the protection of the teeth and their enamel. It is also indicated in cases of arthrosis, posture disorders, caries, back pain, circulatory disorders in the legs, varicose veins, capillary fragility, hemorrhoids. Calcium fluoratum is taken into consideration as an adjuvant in case of cancer. Its action is slow, therefore the administration must be prolonged over time; in particular, in the case of chronic diseases.

Distinctive features : evident and marked wrinkles, they are longitudinal and oblique, are located under the eyes. The skin of this area appears to have a characteristic reddish / blackish color. It is also possible to find slight wrinkles on the upper eyelid, also hardened and serpentine-shaped arteries on the forehead. The tongue can be hard and cracked. The mouth can show a tendency to form caries, the enamel of the teeth can be defective, the teeth can "shake". Furthermore, incorrect posture, excessive callus formation, skin lesions can be further indications for taking this salt. , chapped and hard skin, flabby skin, weakness of the ligaments and tendons, flat feet and valgus, varicose veins, stalks, sores, ulcers, varicose veins, swelling, hemorrhoids.

Psychic characteristics : When Calcium Fluoratum is not in balance, the individual manifests small delusions, self-criticism, rigidity, obsessions, extravagance, inability to accept any stimulus that deviates from one's mental canons. Fears contrast appearance: a controlled individual who is not. Furthermore, he is incapable of affective contact with others. Proper integration of this salt will allow the individual to show flexibility, flexibility, originality and be able to adapt to life situations and novelties, curious and eager for new experiences.


How to use

Dissolve directly on the tongue 4 tablets 3 times a day for adults, 2 tablets 3 times a day for children and 1 tablet 3 times a day for infants (in this case the tablets can also be dissolved in a teaspoon of warm water) . In the acute phase, take the respective dosages every two to three hours, progressively reducing the frequency of administrations until the symptom improves.



Administer the respective doses ¼ of an hour before or after meals and follow the intake with a glass of water to facilitate detoxification of the tissues.

Gluten-free food supplement.



Calcium Fluoratum, lactose, biotin (Vitamin B8), gum arabic.



Vial of 240 orodispersible tablets.