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  • 2 Nutramigen LGG POLV 400g

2 Nutramigen LGG POLV 400g

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2 Nutramigen LGG


- Treatment of manifestations of allergies to cows' milk proteins;
- Treatment of colic severe food-borne;
- Treatment of acute diarrhea in the infant;
- Atopic dermatitis allergy known to occur;
- Reducing the risk of allergy (from hereditary high);
- Congenital lactose intolerance.

Dosage and Usage
A level scoop per 30 ml of water at room temperature, stir and heat remain at room temperature for consumption.

- With Lactobacillus GG;
- Casein hydrolyzate extensively, able to guarantee a nutritional quality; (growth, weight, etc) comparable to that of normal milk;
- Fatty acid content similar to that found in breast milk;
- Glucose polymers, ie, maltodextrin, easily assimilated;
- The absence of lactose;
- Full integration of minerals and vitamins.

Food for special medical purposes, so their use must be prescribed by pediatrae should be used under its control.

400 g.

Cod. 1159076/1270067